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Welcome to Region 3.

Please vote YES

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It is really important that we get members to vote in this ballot

We desperately need a political fund to be able to Campaign, presently and into the future.

Without the fund its very simple, we wouldn't be able to campaign.

There are also posters that have been sent to branches....Please urge members to vote 'YES'.



Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 April 2014 20:03

Pension - Urgent matters of concern arising from the budget

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The Fire Brigades Union have released another video for members on the pensions campaign.

In the clip, Matt Wrack, general secretary, talks about recent developments and the next steps for the union.


Last Updated on Monday, 31 March 2014 12:22

Buying Back Pensions Contributions

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CIRCULAR 2014HOC0182DG                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 18th March 2014


Dear Brother/Sister,


We understand that members in some fire and fire and rescue services have been informed by their employer that they will not be given an opportunity to buy back their contributions until after the conclusion of the trade dispute and at that time that members must register their wish to do so within 6 months of that date.

Such advice where given by a fire and rescue authority is inaccurate and may be based on a simple misreading of the regulations.

The accurate position is that members of the pension schemes will be entitled to buy back their lost service within six months having returned to duty following any period of absence (other than in respect of maternity, paternity or adoption leave) and must do so within six months of the return.

The specific rule in the 1992 Scheme is now to be found in Rule F2(3), as amended in 2006:

(3) A regular firefighter may, by written notice given to his employing authority within six months of returning to duty after a period of absence without pay (excluding absence for maternity, paternity or adoption leave), require them to reckon as pensionable service all or part of that period (the “reckonable period”).*

The specific rule in the 2006 Scheme is to be found in part 10 rule 4:

4.—(1) A firefighter member may reckon as pensionable service all or part of a period of absence without pay if he elects to pay the pension contributions that he and his 3 employing authority would have paid in accordance with Parts 11 and 13 in respect of that period if it had been a period of absence with pay.

(2) An election under paragraph (1) is to be made by written notice given to the employing authority not later than six months from the end of the period of absence without pay for which contributions are due.*

We are conscious that some members may have not registered their wish to buy back the pensionable service and that the opportunity to do so in respect of the earlier periods of strike action is extremely tight.

Therefore, if you wish to buy back the pension for the periods of strike action taken you are strongly advised to write to their employer by letter or via any regular internal memorandum protocol expressing the desire to do so without delay.

A template wording which has been checked with our legal advisers is attached for you to use. Ensure that you keep a copy of your letter and also, if possible, submit a copy of the letter attached to an email. This wording is should be used irrespective of which of the two firefighter pension schemes you are a member.

Please do ensure that the content of this circular is brought to the attention of all colleagues particularly those who may be off-duty at the time of receipt. A copy of this circular and the template letter is available on the FBU website:

In the event of further periods of strike action which takes place after the submission of the letter you submit at this time a further letter will need to be submitted at the time.

Yours fraternally,


National Officer


Stop the Cuts in Tyne & Wear - sign the petition

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Firefighters in Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue service have been left devastated and angered by the Fire Authorities decision to push ahead with what could only be described as dangerous plans to slash both fire cover and firefighter posts.

The FBU believe that if these cuts are allowed to go ahead it will mean that both the general public and serving Firefighters within Tyne and Wear will be placed in an intolerable risk

On the 17th February the fire Authority ratified the decision that they took on the 20th January to close three stations Wallsend, Gosforth and Sunderland central, reducing firefighter posts by 131, removing six fire appliances permanently with a further two in the nighttime and the removal of a Aerial Ladder Platform. They decided to continue with the cuts despite the efforts of Sunderland councilors and members of Parliment.

If these cuts are allowed to go ahead it will mean a fundamental change in the way Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service will operate.

It will lead to

• Slower response times
• Less Firefighters to effect a safe conclusion to the incident
• Reduction in specialist equipment
• Less community safety work

Please sign the petition and help stop to stop the cuts


Cleveland Firefighters to hold Protest rally against Fire Service Cuts

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Cleveland firefighters to hold protest rally against local cuts this weekend.

Photocall Who: Cleveland firefighters and supporters
What: Lively rally against cuts to local fire services
Where: The Bottle of Notes (between Middlesbrough Town Hall and the Institute of Modern Art)
When: 1.30pm, Saturday 8 February 2014

Firefighters in Cleveland will hold a rally against cuts to local fire and rescue services in Middlesbrough town centre at lunchtime this Saturday. Davy Howe, Fire Brigades Union secretary in Cleveland, said: “The firefighters of Cleveland need the support of our local community now more than ever. “Teeside is more at risk from industrial fire than almost anywhere else in Europe, and these cuts will mean slower response times and a far greater risk to the public and firefighter safety from fire, road traffic collisions and other emergencies, including floods. “Please come and show your support on Saturday and register your concerns over these dangerous cuts by filling in our survey and petition and by writing to your local councillors and MPs to tell them ‘no’!”

Speakers will include: -

Labour MP for Middlesbrough Andy McDonald -
Labour MP for South and East Cleveland Tom Blenkinsop -
Fire Brigades Union national President, Alan McLean -
Local firefighters and FBU officials.

Firefighters have expressed “grave concerns” over what they say are dangerous cuts outlined in Cleveland Fire Authority’s recent Community Integrated Risk Management Plan 2014-18’ (CIRMP). Local FBU officials have promised to embark on a public information and consultation campaign, including before Saturday’s rally, after criticising the “ambiguity” of information provided to firefighters and the short length of the consultation process (8 weeks rather than the government’s recommended 12).

The FBU says cuts would mean: - The loss of 5 Fulltime Fire Engines to be replaced with Part time (on call) crewing. - The loss of 130 full-time firefighter Jobs (more than 25%) - The permanent closure of Marine Fire Station in Middlesbrough town centre, which serves the two highest risk wards in Cleveland - The loss of an as yet unknown number of ‘back office’ jobs. - Less specialist equipment - A deterioration in quality training time - A reduced ability to carry out essential community fire safety and prevention work, including advice and visits.

The FBU will be formally responding to the authority’s CIRMP shortly.

The FBU’s online petition can be found at The FBU’s online questionnaire can be found at

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 February 2014 16:16
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