The Fire Brigades Union - Region 3

Cleveland, Durham, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear

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Welcome to Region 3.

Please help us to help Andy: Firefighters 100 Lottery - January 2017 appeal

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Dear Brother/Sister  

Please help us to help Andy:

Firefighters 100 Lottery - January 2017 appeal

For January 2017 the focus of the Firefighters 100 Lottery will be to support Andy Adams. Andy is a Watch Manager at Greenock Community Fire Station, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.  He suffered extremely serious injuries whilst attending at an incident at Auchmead Road, Greenock, Renfrewshire, in August last year, when a wall collapsed.

This incident left Andy, a 49 year old father of two, with the following injuries:

Severed spinal cord resulting in complete paraplegia from the chest down
Fractured neck
3 broken vertebrae in back
Broken sternum
2 fractured scapulae
Punctured lung
Broken collar bone
Broken tibula
Broken fibula
Broken jaw in two places
Broken ankle

You will appreciate that these terrible injuries have completely changed Andy’s life and that of his family. As a result his colleagues and friends have launched fundraising activities to support his rehabilitation. The Firefighters 100 Lottery wants to support this initiative as part of our support for the families of those killed or injured in the line of duty.



Therefore, for the month of January 2017, all Good Cause money raised by the Firefighters 100 Lottery will go to the fund supporting Andy Adams. Please encourage friends, colleagues and family to support this initiative by purchasing lottery tickets. This can be done on line at:

Thank you for your support.

Best wishes.

Yours fraternally

Matt Wrack

General Secretary


Firefighters 100 Lottery

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A lottery supporting our firefighters
Firefighters 100 Lottery is a weekly online lottery created to support firefighters, their bereaved families and to honour the bravery and sacrifice of firefighters killed in the line of duty.


Firefighters 100 Lottery


Don’t let them silence you – switch to Direct Debit today

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The government’s Trade Union Bill will abolish the right of workers to pay their union fees direct from their salary – a process known as check-off. The removal of this right is not simply about modernising, as the Tory government would have us believe, it is a significant and deliberate threat to silence working people. Read More

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Pensions - The campaigning continues

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Dear Brother/Sister

Pensions Campaigning continues; discussions sought with the new DCLG fire minister

In May the FBUAnnual Conference endorsed the position that the FBU campaign against the pension attack must continue. There is no doubt that the general election result was a huge setback in relation to the potential discussions that had been lined up should Labour have formed the new government. This meant that the situation had to be reassessed to take account of this.

New Fire Minister

The union has made contact with the new DCLG Fire Minister, Mark Francois, requesting an urgent meeting. These arrangements are now being made. We hope that this discussion will enable us to set out the union’s concerns – particularly the fact that key areas were unresolved under the last Westminster government. Members will receive a report following this meeting.

In addition to this we are continuing to press issues around the no job no pension guarantee that was set out by the previous DCLG Fire Minister in December 2014.Work also continues to raise our concerns in the National Joint Council (NJC) Joint Working Party looking at fitness issues relating to the firefighter role. Annual Conference made some very important decisions in relation to occupational fitness standards and the union is now following up on this work. This will include further detailed discussions with Firefit regarding the fitness requirements for essential elements of the firefighter’s role.   This work unsurprisingly supports many of the concerns raised by the FBU (as did the government’s own 'Williams' review). We will continue to gather evidence to support our concerns that the imposed NPA makes the scheme unworkable.

Scheme governance problems

The Public Service Pension Act 2014 (and related legislation) includes a requirement to set up local pension boards and a national Scheme Advisory Board in all parts of the UK. This legislation was quite clear in relation to when these boards should be established, how they should function and how they should be made up.

In the majority of cases we believe the legislation has not been applied correctly.

We have been raising significant concerns with the way that these boards are being established. These concerns include:

  • How employee representatives to these boards are being appointed.
  • The delay in setting up the boards.
  • Training for board members.

In Northern Ireland and Scotland our discussions around the boards have been quite productive and many of our concerns have been addressed. These discussions are continuing. Elsewhere our concerns have not been addressed. This further threatens to undermine confidence in the pension scheme at a time when many scheme members are already outraged at earlier attacks on pension rights.

In some cases significant decisions have been made although the local boards have not yet been established (and therefore have not been able to meet to discuss the issues). These have been challenged as soon as they have emerged.

The FBU has raised concerns in relation to this nationally and locally and a letter is being prepared to raise these concerns at local level.

These are extremely important issues which, if necessary, will be progressed to the pension regulator.

The Executive Council meets on 16, 17 & 18 June and these issues will be discussed further. Further reports will follow.

Best wishes.

Yours fraternally






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